5 Political Party-Party Themes to Impress Your Friends

It’s Friday night. As you enter your friend’s house party, you look around. It’s fantastic, as usual. The place is packed, full of both unfamiliar and familiar faces. You see your host and smile, telling him how great everything looks. He’s probably the best party-thrower you know. Because of that, he’s really popular. Also, his girlfriend is hot and his dad works for the Giants, but you know, whatever.
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MVP (Most Vice Presidential) #1: John Adams

Welcome to Most Vice Presidential! These posts are about of America’s veeps, known and unknown. Because behind every great man, there is another man who we don’t really care about as much. First up, John Adams. Read more

The United States Invaded Canada…and Lost

My heart aches for Canada. All it wants to do is play hockey and talk about The Tragically Hip, and all we want to do it sh*t on it. Read more

10 Plain, Humble, God-Fearing Facts About the Amish

Ain’t no party like an Amish party, because there are no Amish parties. Read more

Cane Sugar and Coups: How Hawaii Became a State

If you grew up on the mainland, you probably don’t know very much about Hawaiian history. Most of what I know about it comes Drunk History. Actually, most of what I know in general comes from Drunk History. But in school, it’s just not something that’s focused on very much. It’s the same for Alaska, but that’s because, honestly, it’s Alaska. Read more